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Your baby naming ceremony celebrates a new life in your family

A baby naming ceremony is an emotional and beautiful way to welcome your child into the welcoming and supportive arms of your family. Baby naming ceremonies are becoming a popular choice for parents who want to celebrate their special new addition, without religious connotations.

It takes a village to raise a child

At Cariad, I believe that the upbringing of a child involves more than the immediate parents. Your closest friends, children, and grandparents will be as much a part of the ceremony as they will your baby’s life.

As a non-religious ceremony, rather than ‘Godparents’, we refer to them as ‘Supporting’ or ‘Guiding’ adults. Guiding adults can be asked to write their own promises in a way that is individual, meaningful and likely to be upheld. They can also light a candle, or recite poems or prayers.

As you become parents yourself, a naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to thank your own parents and acknowledge their part in your own upbringing. Join together and celebrate your commitment to bringing up this new life.

Special Touches

You can bring together any elements you like to make this day special for everyone. I write a unique ceremony based on your wishes. Here are just a few ideas.

Sand Ceremony – This beautiful adaption of the Unity Candle involves pouring coloured sands into a glass vessel, creating a lasting keepsake. Each colour is symbolic of a different meaning for your baby. A sand ceremony allows other children in the family to take part and welcome their new sibling.

Unity candles – Candles are a spiritual symbol at any ceremony. Gifting a unity candle and lighting it together can involve supporting adults or extended family in the ceremony. If a loved one is not able to attend, displaying their photograph and lighting a candle for them can be a way of remembering their role in the family.

Rose ceremony – Supporting adults gently sprinkle different coloured rose petals over the baby’s head, while poignant words are spoken in the background and your choice of special ,emotive music is played .

Combined ceremony – You may wish to combine your baby naming with another special occasion such as a vow renewal or hand fasting. I’ll work with you to create the perfect ceremony.

“Little Chick has lunch on the Moon” – in partnership with author, Alison Delaney, a complimentary copy of this wonderful empowering book is given to your child at the end of the ceremony.  Find out more.

Your Baby Naming ceremony

The joy of working with a Celebrant is that your day is completely personalised.  You can hold your ceremony wherever you choose – indoors or outside, at home or at your preferred venue.

The content is written specifically for you and can include whatever you prefer:

  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Readings
  • Blessings
  • Family traditions
  • Cultural Customs
  • Prayers, hymns or religious elements

Your naming ceremony reflects your beliefs and values, and involves the people you love – helping you to celebrate the arrival of a special and important addition to your family.