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“Life is not about waiting for a storm to pass

Its about learning to dance in the rain”

A warm and supportive hand when you need it

Losing a loved one is a shock even when expected. At this time, you may feel overwhelmed by managing your grief, caring for your family and organising the funeral.

With my past experience as a registrar before becoming an Independent Celebrant, I fully appreciate the maelstrom of emotions and confusion you may be experiencing. I’ll visit you at home to discuss the funeral, and to find out more about your family, beliefs and your cherished memories, before writing a completely personal service focused on the life of the person who has passed.

Together we can put together any music, hymns, readings or memories you would like to share, and I’ll guide you through the requirements of the crematorium or burial site.

Things to consider

  • Most funerals take place at a crematorium or burial ground, however if you wish to hold a separate memorial in another location I can help you consider the options.
  • A funeral service in a crematorium or burial ground is restricted to 45 minutes.
  • Usually my booking comes from the funeral director who feels I best suit your family – as opposed to a religious or humanist service. However, you can choose me yourself if you would like to.
  • There are a number of things to do, such as registering the death. If you are not sure of the process I can help you understand the requirements.

I’m honoured to work with you and your family in remembering your loved one. If you have any questions about the funeral service, please do not hesitate to discuss them with me.