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“Indeed a handfasting is one of the most delightful celebrations . It is a time of joyous revelry and magical merriment . It is a perfectly wonderful reason to dress in fanciful, flamboyant garb and wear flowers in ones hair. After the ceremony, the couple can choose to jump over a broom, leaping together into a new life as one. Traditional cake and ale or other delicious treats are shared  afterwards and guests are encouraged to dance and cavort well into the night”

Enjoy a Hand fasting ceremony that is uniquely you

Hand fasting is a beautiful Celtic or Pagan custom symbolising love and commitment. The ancient ceremony was seen as a ‘trial marriage’, where the couple would be bound together for a year and a day. After this they were free to split, or continue together in a lifelong commitment.

Hand fasting is growing in popularity again as couples seek to add romance and spiritualism to their commitment to each other. I am delighted to offer all of the traditional Celtic hand fastings, while The Knot Ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a religious service, or the more conservative registrar led service.

Ancient Celtic hand fasting

As a Pagan and earth focused custom, handfasting is traditionally performed outside and, if possible, – under an ancient oak tree.

One year and a day ceremony – As with the original intention of the Celtic hand fasting, this wonderful ceremony celebrates a couple’s engagement. The coloured cord is loosely tied around the couple’s hands to symbolise their intention to commit to each other.

A full Celtic handfasting ceremony – Held outside (weather allowing), surrounded by nature, this beautiful full ceremony calls on the couple to pledge their love to each other. The celebrant calls upon the elements, 4 cardinal points, before blessing the rings. The cords are tightly fastened around the couple’s wrists – the “Tying of the Knot” – and they share cake and drink. The ceremony takes place within a spiritually charged “circle” of flowers, with the guests standing on the outside, and is completed as the couple jump over the besom, or broom, to start their future blessed life together.

Modern Day Handfasting

The Knot Ceremony – This is a heart-warming partial handfasting that can be used alongside your wedding ceremony and is performed immediately after the saying of the vows. The Knot Ceremony allows you to bring romance and a spiritual element to your ceremony, if you want something more than the production line of the Register Office. I am delighted to be able to combine any elements of handfasting to your personally written ceremony, allowing you to create your own meaning to your special day.