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“Spreading the CARIAD love” with a unique free gift for all parents

When you book a naming ceremony for your child with CARIAD Personal Ceremonies you know that everything about it will be as unique and special as your little one. From the bespoke service, to the love and care celebrant Ali Fleming puts in to making every ceremony truly spectacular.

And now, CARIAD Personal Ceremonies has teamed up with Little Bird to offer a free inspirational children’s book with every naming ceremony. ‘Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon’ is a truly empowering tale of following your dreams and reaching your potential.

Part of a series of children’s adventure stories, written by motivational coach Alison Delaney, the book is the perfect gift for your child as they start their journey. It also provides a unique memory for your special day, in the knowledge, that not only will it be a gift for your child to cherish and enjoy, but will also spread the message to less fortunate children as another book will be donated to a child in another country.

Provide a photo and personalised message to a child in another country and create a lasting memory of your child’s naming ceremony.

To find out more about ‘Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon’ and Alison’s mission to show all children their dreams can come true, go to

So how does it work?

You book a naming ceremony with Ali Fleming and at your personal special day Ali will gift a copy of the book to your child.

You will then get the chance to write an inspirational message in another book, which will be sent to a child in another country.

A special way to celebrate your day while also helping others.

Quote from Alison Delaney

“Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon is all about following your dreams and I am delighted to be working with CARIAD Personal Ceremonies to make their naming ceremonies not just memorable, but also have a lasting legacy through our gifting initiative.”


“I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. No matter where we live on this earth, you have inside you the power to become whatever you want. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow. “

A little gift from Lucy Grace, thinking of you from a distant place, I live in England, a long way away, I enjoy reading stories everyday.  Why not send me a message on a balloon, enjoy reading “Little chick has lunch on the moon”.  xx

Always dream big little one, have courage and be kind. Have the courage to dream big and the kindness to understand others dreams. Turning a dream into a reality takes courage and kindness can make dreams come true.