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“Creating a unique service that will change the way couples plan their marriage, naming and other celebratory ceremonies”     

Making your wedding day an unforgettable occasion

Discover your dreams

Congratulations. You’ve made a huge decision, and now you’re focused on creating the perfect wedding day.

A Cariad Personal Ceremonies wedding is made to measure for every couple, combining every carefully chosen element into one amazing celebration.

You may have been planning your wedding day your whole life – or you might not know where to start. As your Celebrant, I’ll discuss your ideas and make you aware of your options. If you can imagine it, I’ll do my best to help you plan it.

Unique locations

Traditionally weddings take place in a church or an approved venue, where a registrar will arrive at a designated time to deliver prescribed words.

Your wedding ceremony, however, can take place in any location you choose. A woodland dell, surrounded by bluebells; a ruined castle or a luxurious stately home; a farm yard, a beach or the place you met. I travel throughout the UK – and abroad – to bring you the ceremony you choose.

Bespoke words

I’ll write a bespoke service for your special day, with wording that reflects who you are as a couple. Whether you want solemn and intense, heartfelt and emotional, flamboyant, fun or passionate, I will provide the right words.

Writing your own vows is a beautiful way of sharing your feelings on the day. If you choose to do this, I’m happy to offer ideas if you need them. As a uniquely personal touch, I like to retell your love story inviting all of your guests to share in your journey with you .

A family occasion

Children don’t have to stick to the traditional role of bridesmaid or page boy. Incorporate parts in the ceremony that involve your children,such as a hand fasting, with the children tying the ribbons, or a sand or Unity in Glass ceremony, with each child having their own coloured sand or glass . Your marriage is part of their lives too, after all, so make them part of the day.

In fact, your ceremony can include family and friends in any way you choose. You could have family members say readings or poetry, play musical instruments if they are able to, or bring in a festive feel with singing and dancing.

Love – Without exceptions

At Cariad I support the expression of love without exception – I am a gay friendly celebrant and welcome couples from all backgrounds and faiths.

Themes and costumes

Who said that a wedding had to be black tie? This is your day – introduce a theme that really speaks to your personality. A simple rustic service or a fairy tale element perhaps, or go the whole hog with a costume wedding – medieval style or a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Special touches

Incorporate as many special elements as you like into your day – here’s a few of the most popular. Your wedding day is about you – if you have other ideas or requests, please let me know.

Hand fasting – Although this is available as a separate ceremony, many couples combine it into the wedding service as well. Binding your hands in symbolically coloured ribbons or cords is an old, and emotional, ritual. Find out more.

Ring-warming – This simple but heartfelt concept involves passing your rings around family, or every guest, to warm in their hands while thinking loving thoughts or a simple blessing over them – bringing a sense of participation in your day and your future.

Tree of Life Ceremony – A beautiful way of allowing the family and friends to share their love for you by writing heartfelt messages onto wooden hearts or doves. These are hung on the stunning steel tree for you to keep  in your home or garden forever.

Sand Ceremony – A ceremony where different coloured sands are poured into a glass vessel. As they combine to make patterns, you’ll have a visible symbol of your commitment to each other. Invite family and children to add their own choice of coloured sand – or if you choose a beach wedding, use sand from beneath your feet.

Unity in Glass – Beautifully spiritual, Unity in Glass uses glass crystals instead of sand. After your ceremony these are sent to an expert glass artisan to make into a unique, stunning piece of art for your home. Find out more.

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A traditional wedding, outside of a church, will often have little time for any personalised choices of music. At your wedding enjoy as much singing – even dancing – as you like. Engage a harpist player, or a band. Perhaps sing to your partner yourself, or have all your guests join in with a song and dance. It’s your day. Have it your way.

Combined Services

Your wedding day is about joining with your partner in a lifelong commitment. But who says you can’t celebrate even more at the same time.

Imagine sharing your day with your child/ren in a combined marriage or naming ceremony.

As your Celebrant, I can create an entirely unique service that not only shares your love for each other, but celebrates the love that surrounds you.

What is the difference between a registrar and a celebrant?

It’s important to understand the difference between a registrar and an Independent Celebrant.

To be legally valid in the UK a marriage service must be performed by a registrar, priest or vicar, and your signing of the register witnessed. This formal part of the service can take as little as 10 minutes in your local registry office.

However, at this point you can choose how to enjoy the most important part of your day – the ceremony and celebration of your love for each other.

A registrar led civil wedding

  • Follows a pre-written service, giving you little flexibility on content or choice
  • Is strictly limited to a prescribed time and length, as the registrar often has other ceremonies to attend on the same day
  • Cannot contain any religious reference
  • Is held in a licensed venue only
  • And perhaps most importantly, is delivered by a person that you would not have had the opportunity to meet before your wedding day

A church wedding

  • Follows a strict protocol
  • Often forbids photographs during the service itself

An Independent Celebrant

  • Meets you in the early stages to ensure they are the right person for yourselves and to get to know yourselves
  • Writes a completely personalised service with as much input from you as you choose
  • Only books one ceremony a day. There is no time limit, making your celebration as relaxed and laid back as you want it – and no worrying about being late.
  • Allows you to chose what time you would like your ceremony to be held.
  • Can include hymns and prayers, and a traditional religious blessing if you choose.
  • Holds your ceremony in the location you love*
  • Always able to be contacted offering a more personalised service

*After the simple legal formalities at a local registry office.