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“Love is like an earthquake,

unpredictable, a little scary,

but when the hard part is over

You realise how lucky you truly are”

A vow renewal is a beautiful expression of strength in love

Marking a special anniversary, acknowledging your strength together after tough times, or perhaps having the wedding ceremony of your dreams – whatever your reason for renewing your vows, a renewal is a momentous day in any relationship.

You’ve chosen to reaffirm your love and dedication to each other and renew vows you first made on your wedding day and I am delighted to be a part of your ceremony.

Make the day your own

As there are no legalities in a vow renewal, the day is completely your own. Would you prefer a small intimate affair, either at home or on the sandy white beaches of a remote island, or a huge celebration surrounded by the people who love you?

As with a Cariad wedding ceremony, I will personalise your day to suit your dreams. You can incorporate elements such as hand fasting or Unity in Glass, which can involve children and extended family as part of the ceremony itself. Perhaps you would like to share your day with other special events, such as a baby naming?

A vow renewal is a beautiful way to bring two families together, involving step-children and making promises to them as well as your partner. It’s a day focused on love, continued commitment and starting the next stage of your life together.

In a traditional ceremony it is possible to add a mini handfasting to your ceremony which symbolises the continuation of strength of your vows.  They can be made “for a lifetime”, “for all of eternity” or “ for long as love shall last”.

The “Jumping of the Broom” can also be added – symbolising sweeping clearly the way ahead, for renewed strength in your relationship with each other.*

For a special anniversary why not look at the amazing Unity in Glass products, only available to Cariad Personal Ceremonies, for a unique glass hand blown artefact to keep after your ceremony?

One of the more popular ceremonies is the combination of a naming ceremony combined with a renewal of vows.

Choices of ceremony can be tapered to any age of the couple. Whatever milestone you are celebrating, be it a first year of marriage or other notable anniversaries such as golden and diamond wedding anniversaries, and some of the above examples of ceremony are not suitable, there are many choices that can be shared with you ,to be adapted to your personal circumstances and written specially for you.

This is only a guideline of what is possible. Our ceremonies are written personally for you and you make the choices.

You may be assured of a wonderful ceremony, created exactly the way you would wish.